Canon CR3 RAW in Ubuntu

UPDATE: finally working 100%


I know I am not blogging much lately…actually this is the first blog post in 2019… But I am here to fix it 😉

Photographers using Linux or Ubuntu are facing a new issue since the new RAW format for Canon called CR3 it’s not compatible yet.

Who is to blame? well Canon has not released the specifications of the format… so it’s proprietary and the community it’s working on a reverse engineering solution, but it’s far from been released. 🙁

It’s really frustrating since new Canon cameras are using this new format. Cameras like Canon EOS R, Canon EOS RP and Canon M50, which are really popular nowadays.

There’s a nasty workaround that I have tested in Ubuntu 18.10 and 19.04. This consists in converting the CR3 files to Adobe DNG format which does work in Digikam and Darktable for example.

Follow this steps

  1. Install Wine if you do not have it installed
  2. Download Adobe DNG Converter for windows
  3. Install using wine
  4. Open Adobe DNG
  5. Select the folder where the CR3 files are
  6. Click convert
  7. ready!

Of course this is not the perfect scenario since kills the workflow… I had to convert 300 files which is 10GB extra of space and takes a while to be converted.

Let’s hope we have a better solution soon!h