Hi! I am Chema ;)

Chema Garrido retrato

I am specialized in web technology and project management, based in Barcelona. I work remotely since 2008.

I love Open Source Software and I am developer/advocate since 2004 . I have started many different businesses which I have sold.

Curious by nature, I love to learn,  develop new products, photography and traveling.

If you want to know more specifics go ahead and check my CVLinkedin , Github, Twitter or contact me if there’s not any answer to your questions.


I can give you an awesome* technological consultancy to help your company  make the right decision. I am available always to help you.

  • Scrum, agile methodologies
  • Lean Startups and Bootstraping
  • PHP , MySQL and REDIS
  • Choose your hosting / cloud solution
  • Open Source Software
  • Research for your product / requirements
  • Recruitment for IT specialists

If you want a consultation via skype please pay and I will contact you to schedule a private meeting. 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Contact me if you have any doubt.

* Disclaimer: By awesome I mean I will try my best as I do with everything 😉

Only available for small consultancies.


Here a list of projects I’ve been directly involved as founder or share holder.

  • spartacommodities.com – working here
  • Koseven.dev – active not contributing
  • Yclas.com – sold
  • Open-classifieds.com – sold
  • mailjagger.com – sold
  • euvat.ga – sold
  • tumanitas.com – sold
  • adserum.com – sold
  • open-eshop.com – sold

Recommended books