The Lifetime Backup Scam, Zoolz, Polar Backup


Quick post here.

In 2018 I bought a Zoolz Lifetime subscription plan with 2TB free from Stack Social.

Super cheap… I was doubting from the beginning… but it worked more or less good so I used it for video backups online. I had all in HD of course….

The 30th of September they discontinued the lifetime service:

Ok…. not cool.

But now in the same page Stack Social (which they use in many places as a white label pcworld, TNW deals, etc-..) They have a new offer 5TB lifetime with Polar Cloud for $80.

Amazing offer… how is this even possible… checking the website and… looks familiar, specially this one:

Then you check the source code and….

Funny in their youtube channel they have turned off comments… and everywhere you only find good reviews xD

My best guess: They create a new company, do the same strategy, pay for lifetime, then we discontinue it, then we charge you if you want to keep the plan. We got really bad reviews, then create another whitelabel, and repeat!