Twitter Badge for WordPress

New plugin 😉 Today I’ve made a new plugin to use the Twitter Badge generator easily in your WP. Features:…Continue readingTwitter Badge for WordPress

WP-Datediff – Plugin for WordPress

Super simple plugin that allow us to know the difference between dates in WP. What is useful for? In my…Continue readingWP-Datediff – Plugin for WordPress

WordPress as CMS multilingual

As known for almost all of us WodPress may be one of the best Blogging platform, or the best one…Continue readingWordPress as CMS multilingual

Open Classifieds for WordPress – wpClassifieds

Download the standalone version better instead. The WordPress theme is out of dated, standalone works faster and has many more…Continue readingOpen Classifieds for WordPress – wpClassifieds

Custom Error for WordPress

Tested up to 2.8.5 There’s nothing I do I hate more than finding an error after hours happening. That was…Continue readingCustom Error for WordPress

No IE6, please

Today I was checking stats from few of my places and is SCARY how many people still uses Internet Explorer…Continue readingNo IE6, please

Neo22s for mobile devices

As a user of a HTC Hero sometimes it annoys me how big are some pages, I know is not…Continue readingNeo22s for mobile devices

WP-PageScroll 0.2

Today changes in the plguing WP-PageScroll. Changes: New style sheet from Not need of edit footer.php Function wp-pagenave renamed…Continue readingWP-PageScroll 0.2

WP-PageScroll, Plugin for WordPress

Few days working on this guys… This is officially my first WordPress plugin! Well…I didn’t develop an entire plugin I…Continue readingWP-PageScroll, Plugin for WordPress

Minimalistic, WordPress theme

This is my first WP theme so please be kind to me, I’m not a web designer 😛 I used…Continue readingMinimalistic, WordPress theme